Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Guest Dreamer: A Man in My House

This dream is from Firequeen, who recently published Dream Diary of a White Witch.
As usual with dreams contributed to this blog, I will interpret Firequeen's dream as if it were one of my own

Firequeen's Dream: I dreamed I went to a large house where I met a man. I felt very drawn to this man and we sat and relaxed and talked a long time. We sat close together and I felt sexually attracted to him. He was talking in an authoritative way and said ‘We must get you a car, a red one’. I said that would be nice but I had never learned to drive. He said that was not a problem as he would teach me.

Then it was next morning but there was nothing in the dream concerning the night, where I had spent it, whether with this man or not. I was getting ready to leave the house to go to work, but it was filling up with other people who were all coming there to see the man or to do business with him. It seemed that he was an important person and some of what he did was directing films, so he had to see everyone and tell them what to do. He was very busy, with this and other things.

I began to feel left out of this side of his life, and wondered what was going on. When I wanted to speak to him it was not possible, he was too busy. Then someone unseen (or a Voice) told me that this was my house and that he was taking it over, and that I should not allow this to happen, it was foolish of me.

But inside I had this wonderful feeling like when you are tremendously in love and all you want is to be with the other person, and I knew this was worth anything, any sacrifice, because it is the most marvelous feeling in the world, which money can’t buy. And I woke up with the feeling, the urge, the longing for this person still with me, and I felt its full force.

And now I cannot even remember what it was like, I cannot call up the memory of that emotion. I only know I felt it once again, as I must have felt it in the past. Only it is long gone.

Carla's thoughts: In this dream the house represents me, and the man I meet there is a part of myself that I haven't integrated. Jung tells us that a sexual encounter in a dream can be a conjunctio, a coming together of two aspects of the Self that have been alienated. My attraction to this man indicates that I am getting ready to accept this strong, engaged, authoritative part of myself. When he offers me a vibrant red car, my animus is offering me a new zest for life. Since a car represents our way of negotiating the road of life, when I tell him that I have not learned to drive I am expressing my fear that I am unable to actuate my life. But this unrecognized part of me is not afraid at all; he will teach me.

In the second and third paragraphs of the dream I begin to see why I have resisted accepting this animus figure as part of myself. The man is very busy and must lead and direct a lot of people. If I completely accept this role, I feel that I am taking on a burdensome amount of responsibility. As I become so busy supervising others and working in the outside world (the realm of the animus) I feel I am losing the other part of myself, the the spiritual place where I customarily live. I don 't want the strong, directive part of me to take over at the expense of the more sensitive, intuitive part.

In spite of my conflicted feelings, my longing in the final paragraph of the dream tells me that I want to make room for this emerging part of me—the part that leads and is in charge, the part that enjoys driving the red car. My animus is generating excitement in me and uniting with him will give me renewed passion for life. With this dream my unconscious tells me that at this point in my life I am able to unify and balance what have been, until now, sparring aspects of my psyche.


Geraldine Firequeen said...

Goodness me! Wow! Amazing! As ever I am so impressed by the profundity of your understanding, Carla, and what you manage to bring out of my dream. I totally agree with everything you have said, I have no issue with any of it, and it does fit my life at this time, when there is considerable anxiety at a new 'role' I have taken on. Indeed, it is something I have resisted in the past, from fear of the consequences. I still have the same concerns, but had already decided (before the dream) that I must go ahead and face whatever is to come.

Congratulations Carla on another job well done! I may have more to say later, this is just my initial reaction on first reading. Thankyou for your insight. Geraldine

Carla Young said...

Thank you for sharing this interesting dream, Geraldine. It so clearly represents one of Jung's core concepts, that of the conjunctio.

kaney said...

First make a decision on what it is that you want to reinvent or change about yourself. Next start making a conscious effort to change your moment by moment actions concerning the changes you want to make. With enough repetitions your conscious mind will convince your unconscious mind to take over your new habits and the new you will be on autopilot.

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Geraldine Firequeen said...

Thanks, Kaney, for your comment. The events Carla outlined to me had already taken place, I had already made the commitment. It helped that Carla identified what was going on as it now strengthens my resolve to go down the path I had chosen, and I see how right it was, and how my psychological development has followed the action.

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