Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Welcome to The Daily Dreamer

Have you ever awakened mystified by a dream? Perhaps you wondered if it meant anything, and if so, what? This blog is dedicated to helping you understand these messages to yourself from yourself--to give you a way to get in touch with your own inner wisdom and learn from it. Dreams are a natural part of our mental process and are important to our health and well being. Most of us need to slow down and take the time to experience our own lives, and dream work will help you do that.

This blog teaches by example. There are over 600 dreams on this site, most brief, and each illustrates the process of dream interpretation by talking about what the dreamer, with Carla Young's help, puzzled out about her dream. You will get a good idea of the process of figuring out your dream by reading the posts. You can use the search box (upper left of the screen) to type in your image or theme to see how someone else interpreted the same thing.

Here are a couple of posts that will help you get started with dream work:
Tips for remembering your dreams: How to remember your dreams
Tips for keeping a dream journal: How to Record Your Dreams
If you want to jump right in and start to figure out what one of your dreams means, take a look at What does my dream mean?

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