Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Guest Dreamer: Solo Visit

Hunky's dream is about art, which symbolizes her most authentic self.

Hunky's Dream: I’m walking along San Pablo, near Ashby, in Oakland, heading north. There is an obvious entrance way I am curious about, so I enter. In a short distance I am underground. Is this an underground shopping center? I keep walking.

I’m now in a space as big as a football field. Throughout the space are areas where artists work. There are no separations between them--no walls, just spaces that flow into each other but reflect the uniqueness of each artist/craftsman. Sparsely located throughout the space is contemporary-looking work--some pieces small, some pieces large, all of them hold my attention and appreciation. I like being in this open space. I am particularly taken with a large, circular wood construction that the artist uses to produce his work. It is a beautiful piece of sculpture in itself. I’m impressed with the overall beauty of the place I’m in. It’s quiet in here. It’s a little odd that there are no artists in sight but this doesn’t bother me. To be social would interfere with the visual experience I am enjoying.

I walk up an organically shaped ramp to get to the outdoors. There are no right angles on the ramp, all soft curves. I look closely at the surface I am walking on barefoot. Embedded in the ramp material are tiny pieces of metal, copper and silver. They poke at the soles of my feet, but they do not hurt me.

On the rooftop the surface is covered with a material as dark as asphalt. The material must be as soft as sandstone, though, because all of it has been altered in some way. What I’m walking on has been altered by means of scraping away or building up. An undulating attractive surface was created.

A woman (about 60) greets me and offers to show me around. She is the only person I’ve seen since entering from the street. We visit artist’s areas. As it was when I was in the basement, the artists are not here either. At one place, an artist has created unique pieces of furniture, all of which has an animal as part of it. I see a wooden chair with a life-sized cat carved as part of the arm of the chair. The cat is the arm of the chair but it is definitely a cat as well. On the arm of a sofa is a soft animal form made of the same material as the rest of the sofa. These animals are cleverly integrated as part of the furniture. All the animal forms are compatible with, or the same materials as the furniture.

The woman tells me she is an artist but works here for other artists. I notice she is standing on the edge of the surface here on the rooftop. She is standing on the balls of her feet, like a diver who is preparing to do a back dive.

Then she shows me a large unfinished part of a connected rooftop area and tells me that her boss (an artist) wants to expand his area there. I mention that it must be strong to handle the weight. She says it is.

We approach this person who is her boss. He and she exchange pleasantries. Then the woman asks him if she can use his toilet. He doesn’t seem to be willing to allow it. I figure it must be a tricky and difficult task to install plumbing on this rooftop that has such a surface such as this one. But he tells her she can use the toilet.

As I wait, I hear the sounds of expulsion. I’m not embarrassed. The sounds are loud and powerful.

Carla's Thoughts: As usual, I will respond to Hunky's dream as if it were my own; I invite her to add to our understanding of her dream by leaving us her thoughts as well.

My natural curiosity, something I associate with my playful, creative inner child, has led me to an entrance to the underground (my unconscious). That I at first think I might be encountering a shopping center tells me that this area contains things I might buy (accept), or—by the same token—that I might not. But I pass by this initial response, and, as I do, the space opens up. In fact it becomes huge. Here I am given a vision of my artistic possibilities (my potential). I see no artists here because all of them are me, and we never see ourselves. The contemporary work symbolizes the things my psyche is currently working on. The circular construction represents the many facets of myself working together; this construction is me. In a place of beauty and serenity I am at peace with, and can appreciate, who I am.

As I walk up a ramp (go to a higher level by bringing some of this material into consciousness) my world becomes even more expansive: I am outdoors. This is a natural place, both because it is outdoors and because there are no sharp angles. My soul (sole) is poked, prodded, but this is not painful. On the rooftop I encounter a material that represents my life experiences, some dark, but all altered by the sculpting, the scraping and building up, of things I've done. I appreciate my life; it's an undulating (moving, changing like a river) and attractive achievement.

Then I encounter my anima (the 60 year old woman). She shows me forms (the animal / furniture combinations) that point me to the realization that I can be relaxed (as if on a sofa) with my physical self (the animal). Yes, we are physical beings and subject to all the woes of the flesh, including our own deaths, but my soul tells me I will find my own way of putting these apparently opposing forces, the animate and the inanimate, together in a way that will be comfortable. This part of me is on dangerous ground, standing on edge, maybe about to go over—but she doesn't. She shows me the unfinished business I have yet to complete, and she assures me that I can handle it, heavy though the task may be.

The boss, a controlling part of myself that is very demanding and wants to expand his domain, reluctantly allows my soul to express herself. She does so with gusto, and I affirm her action.


Hunky said...

Thank you very much, Carla, for your drawing and the interpretation of my dream "Solo Visit." I have been following The Daily Dreamer for years and always learn something new about dreams.

I knew that the dream had to do with my creative self but only some of its message was clear. I am still baffled by the dream's ending, but it may mean that some of the negative themes I have taken time with have been spent (eliminated) and positive themes are about to begin. In several ways you pointed out how positive the dream was. I'm going to believe this dream indicates I will be confidently productive with new work soon.

Emily said...

May I begin my version of Hunky's dream by looking at the initial setting - traveling north at the intersection of San Pablo and Ashby. I believe San Pablo is translated as "Saint Paul" and my understanding of St. Paul is that he underwent an incredible conversion from killing Christians to becoming one. So, in one sense, this dream for me is about my unconscious killing off of my judgmental self and coming into the light so to speak. Why Ashby? Again, ashes as another symbol of transformation by fire. At least in my dream! I see many opposites here - some of which are underground and above ground, hard and soft, animal and human. The open space underground is fascinating to me. ....well, I will need to continue later....

Carla Young said...

Very interesting, Emily! Can't wait to hear your further thoughts --

Emily said...

This is a huge dream for me. The more I think about it, the more I realize it'll take time to fully appreciate all that this dream shows me. One imparticular message I receive is how my life "flows". In this underground studio, the spaces flow into each other. As is the case of the furniture with the animals carved into them - my animal instinct flows with my artistic creations. There may be a message here as to where to go in any new art endeavors. Incorporate animals into my work in some way? Follow my instinct? Thinking about it (the roof) won't allow me to complete the art - I have to shut off my thinking and let my eyes and hands to the art. Art flows from the arm, as the cat on the sofa is doing.

For me, there is also a tension I may want to check out in my waking life - the tension is between being alone in my art space and being sociable with family and friends. Both are so important to me, especially as I know I have less time ahead of me to live than the life I've lived already. In the dream, I recognize that being alone allows me to appreciate the intricacies of art. Social interactions would get in the way. I need to create my own space where I can be alone.

I am walking barefoot, which is big for me. I am grounded. I step directly onto the earth, the feminine part of me. That I step on bits of copper and silver (I met a dog named Copper yesterday!) without getting hurt intrigues me as well. I believe that copper is masculine and silver is feminine. It's an integration for me, of my M/F selves. Could the copper pieces have been gold upon further reflection? Then it would definitely symbolize the masculine.

Did I mention the opposites in the dream? There are several - hard/soft, above/below, masculine/feminine, and probably more.

So I have an inner artist who works for other artists! Thus my question, my age old question arises: Do I make art for others or for myself? The female artist is my guide, the one who brought me into the light. She has her fears as well making her own art. Sometimes we project our bright shadow onto others - we appreciate art, but we don't consider ourselves artists. However, I have to have an artistic sense if I can appreciate and understand the art of others. Perhaps I have to let go of feeling like I am not a "true" artist. I need to get rid of the imposter feeling.

Finally, I find the end of my dream funny! I can only surmise that "expulsion" is this inner artist crapping, if you will forgive the use of the word. And that's really good as excrement is gold! This inner artist is prolific. She takes action despite her animus' hesitation. That I am not embarrassed by this is even better. To me, it shows that I am not afraid or embarrassed by what I create. And although Clarissa Estes will say we all have our inner saboteur, at least mine in this dream is easy to get around.

That's all I have at the moment, but this is a dream to keep meditating on, and also a good one to compare/contrast with future dreams, especially if I delve into art making.

Thanks again for the lovely dream and for posting it, Carla!

Carla Young said...

Thanks, Emily. Wow!

Hunky said...

Dear Emily,
Thank you for the fascinating response to my dream. What you have gleaned from the dream is very helpful. I think the dream tells me to continue to get rid of my inner saboteur. Thanks again, Emily and Carla, for taking such time and care with my dream!

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