Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Extra Toes

This is one of those dreams that seems inexplicable until you get past the literal meaning of the words and action.
The Dream: I am in need of an operation. Clark and I are being hosted by some people we don’t know very well, who are very kind. One of them asks me what I’ve learned from the experience, which has been stressful due to the medical part. “I’ve learned the kindness of people,” I say. One of our hosts, an androgynous older person, gets  teary-eye.

I notice that I have three extra toes on each foot. They are from the middle toe out to the pinky toe, and sit directly beneath the toe they are replicating, on a flap of extra foot. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed these toes before.

I have some work I must do: the “operation” I require tells me that. Do you remember the "wise old man / woman" of fairy tale? When they appear in dreams Jung tells us we've encountered a guide.  My guide, the androgynous older woman, is pleased with my progress so far, so I am rewarded by being given something extra. I am now aware I have of a new part of myself (the toes), and this realization requires integration into my idea of who I am. So it signals both progress and some work remaining. 



rachel said...

In my dream the operation is supposed to give m greater connection with the earth, and also strengthen my ability to travel through water. The additions to my feet could do that.
There is an emphasis on lower body here; I feel like I'm being guided to walk and to exercise it more.

Anonymous said...

If this were my dream, I am struck by the mixture of what I must do as an intentional thing, fairly ego related, and what might be done to me, as a collaborative effort of my ego and my unconscious, and perhaps the collective unconscious. For me, "operation," the medical metaphor suggests as much such collaboration going beyond my volition, as it does things I must "do."
I'm intrigued by my extra toes. In my experience, stance relates to my connection to the earth in a sense of my grounding, my most basic religio-philosophic stance. So my extra toes really intrigue me. Who made these? Are they a gift from God, suggesting extra and fruitful connection? Are they a construct by my ego, "operating" on not fully apprehended family-of-origin material to constitute an extra layer or barrier to my direct connection? In my dream, certainly more is a-foot.

Emily said...

I am struck that I have extra 3 toes on each foot, bringing the total number of toes on one foot to 8. To me, 3 is a holy number (the trinity);, spirit, mind and matter; and past present and future, which brings me to the number 8. Infinity. I am becoming conscious of a part of me which has always existed and is now proliferating (by creating this blog?) - perhaps allowing me to be more grounded, more able to get a grip on things.

Anonymous said...

Carla, I had a similar dream. I had three extra toes on my left foot. They were behind middle to pinky toes, an extra flap that I had never noticed before. Given the time from your post, what do you think this means? Thanks

Carla Young said...

Dreams are rooted in both our day-to-day lives and in our long-term experiences and memories. Looking at them can be a way to gain insight into your deepest self. The images in your dreams have specific meanings for you, and these may or may nor overlap with what the images mean to someone else. To unravel the meaning of your particular extra toe dream, think carefully about what the main phrases[three, extra, left, foot, middle, pink(y), a flap, something you didn't notice] mean to you. Look for plays on words and puns. For example, a "flap" can be an argument; "pink" could refer to a political orientation, as can "left". "Three" can be mother, child, father, Holy Trinity, or third base. Only you will know what meaning your wonderful and complex brain attaches to the imagery it creates. If you take some time with this, you'll get some insight into your dream's meaning.

Hartstopper said...

Three more options to stabilize your life. Petty things bothering you emotionally. Three options you have to tackle or avoid the bothration problem.

Unknown said...

Lovely ones, Pls what of an extra toes in the extreme of the left and right legs?

Carla Young said...

Some people see right or left as denoting feeling (right) and logic (left). In many countries political leanings are described as leaning right or left. Your task is to list the things that are evoked for you when you think of right or left. You also used the word "extreme", which hints at a sharply defined difference.

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