Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Guest Dreamer: Raw Inside

The dreamer told me that her divorced daughter's ex-husband has recently remarried. The family became aware of this because the wedding was held at their local church. Lana's friend Jane had been abused as a child. Keeping those waking life facts in mind, I'll react to Lana's dream as if it were my own.

Lana's Dream: In this fragment of a dream, friends are bringing food to a gathering. I've assigned each person to bring the same thing: a filled loaf of bread. Jane and I meet, and we open hers. We're upset to realize that the filling, looking like eggs, is uncooked, raw; it might also contain some fish. Something needs to be fixed. I feel this is my responsibility.

Carla's thoughts: My friend Jane, having been abused as a child, is the symbol of my own injured child: my daughter, who feels wounded by her ex-husband's remarriage. Whether or not having the wedding in our local church was designed to be hurtful, seeing it there opened up something that still feels raw, and I thought there was something fishy about it. The uncooked eggs represent the potential of my daughter's marriage that went unfulfilled, and we are upset that things didn't go as anticipated. As the mother, I feel it's my responsibility to fix things for my injured child.


  1. I love reading these comments, I find it so interesting to see artwork with the dream, too. I agree, something seems fishy about the whole thing. I also wonder, why it showed up as bread? Is it somehow related to the breaking of bread in communion? In church they sometimes say, this is the body of Christ, and then they break the bread. This would be disastrous if raw eggs fell out! Yuck!

  2. If this were my dream….

    First of all a few more questions. Who are the friends, do you recognize any of them? Are the friends men, women or both? Where is the gathering taking place? The eggs in the bread, are they scrambled or more like the attached photo? What type of fish is it and is it whole or a filet?

    I believe every little prop in our dreams are clues to the wisdom being conveyed.

    With that said IIWMD I would interpret it as follows.

    Friends (aspects of myself) are bringing food (nourishment, emotional nourishment) to a gathering (a meeting of different perspectives, the mood of the gathering is important here. The feeling of the gathering.) I've assigned(calling on the aspects of these friend for emotional support) A filled loaf of bread. (Bread might symbolize a basic need or perhaps a chance to rise above, the emotional situation.) Jane's (The part of my emotions that is feeling bruised and battered.) bread and appears to be fine from the outside, however inside is some unfinished business,( not fully cooked/realized/released emotions.) The filling, eggs (new beginnings) and fish (beliefs/faith) appear to be undercooked. Great nourishment however when done properly. Something needs to be fixed, and I am the only one that can acknowledge and deal with my unresolved emotions and perhaps change my views.

    Great dream, again the details of the questions above would take me a bit further into the interpretation. Love Dreams!

  3. If this were my dream…

    I have several questions pertaining to the details of the dream.
    Who are the friends? Do you recognize anyone and are they male or female?
    Where is the gathering being held, and what is the mood of the get-together?
    The eggs in the bread, are they like the picture above or are they scrambled?
    The fish, do you know what type it is and is it a whole fish or a fillet?

    I believe every detail is part of the wisdom being conveyed by the dream.

    IIWMD I would interpret it as follows.

    Friends (aspects of myself) are bringing food (nourishment/emotional nourishment) to a gathering (a place of many personalities and views of the world.)
    I've assigned (looking for support almost demanding) a filled loaf of bread,(basic needs, perhaps a need to rise above a situation)
    Jane's ( the parts of my emotions that are feeling bruised and battered) bread, while it appears great on the outside is uncooked, raw on the inside. (Unfinished, not dealt with emotions.)
    Eggs (a symbol of new beginnings) and fish (beliefs,faith) both quite nourishing when cooked properly.
    Feeling I have a responsibility (something needs to be worked on.)

    Wow, just read Carla's interpretation, I feel the dream is about the dreamer's emotions. We are not here to fix everyones problems, If we don't allow people to live and learn then we deny them fulfilling the karma of this lifetime.
    I understand it's hard to watch you kids go thru tough times. I feel the best end to this situation is to forgive all parties involved and perhaps set an intention such as, "out of this situation only good will come."

    Dreams are so personal, I feel they are the windows into our soul.
    Thank You for sharing your dream.

  4. Immediately the loaf of bread reminds me of communion and the sharing in the Bread of Life. Fish is also a symbol of Christianity, and I recently read that animal embryos all start out looking like a fish! So, in my dream, the raw eggs and perhaps the fish, represent something that is not only in a raw state, but also in a state of becoming fertilized and transforming into something new. I still have the belief that the dream ego is usually wrong in its interpretation of what is going on in the dream. Perhaps it's a change in attitude that I, as dreamer, need. Instead of feeling that something has to be "fixed", perhaps I need to look at the situation as one in which I am being transformed - perhaps this is the finality of grief of my daughter being divorced - that there is no turning back now that he is remarried. All hope of this is gone. And, since there is no turning back, I need to change my attitude - let go of the past and move on to a more personal transformation through the community in which I find myself as symbolized by the sharing of the bread. Communion with friends. Church. A new spiritual practice, or the deepening of one I already have. This dream, for me, speaks to future potential and positive. Thanks again for the post and thank-you, dreamer, for sharing your dream.

  5. Thank you, dear readers for your insightful comments; they show how much gold our dreams give us to mine when we go into the depths of our own psyches to find it. Interesting that several of you commented on the concept of communion bread--that seems to me to be a reflection on our community of dreamers, working together to understand this fascinating material.