Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Box Turtle

The Dream:
I see a turtle emerging from the snake hole of the previous post. First I see its head and I’m alarmed, intrigued. Then its body emerges, which is inside a box. It shuffles itself and its box across the ground. Something about it is off-putting.

Interpretation: I think my unconscious has lost patience with me: “If you want to stay in your box, go ahead! But you look ridiculous!” Change and growth are never easy . . . . 


Anonymous said...

My first thought upon reading this dream is that this is a "box" turtle. A box turtle has a hinge, so it can completely retract itself into its shell for protection. I looked up "turtle" in Jean Chevalier's Dictionary of Symbols, and there is a lot of reference about the tortoise and/or the turtle connecting heaven and earth, and of the tortoise holding the earth on its shell. It's a very cosmological and, I suppose, personal symbol. A box has 4 sides, so I get a sense of completeness about another phase of Self. Which seems to be confirmed by the dream about the laundry. -E-

Carla Young said...

Thank you, Emily, for researching the symbol and adding to my understanding of the dream.

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