Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The Dream: I’m writing and writing—long hand, in a journal--and it is some sort of emotional release.

Interpretation: My unconscious tells me that keeping my dream journal is important for my psychic well being.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carla, I was just giving a presentation on Lucid Dreaming and I was wondering if you are lucid in any of your dreams. One way to tell if you're dreaming is, if there is writing in the dream, to read it and then turn away. Then turn back to it. If it's changed, then that's a clue as to you are dreaming. Anyway, that's the thought that comes to mind! Emily

P.S. The pun on "writing" is "righting". In my dream, I'd have to ask if I offended someone and need to make it right.

Carla Young said...

Hi Emily, I think I have had a few lucid dreams--if by lucid you mean that during the dream I think "I'm dreaming." I've also had a few in which I have thought: "I must be dreaming." In the latter case I'm not altogether sure.
Good luck with your presentation!

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