Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Intruder: the Dead Bolt

This post marks the 300th to this blog. It seems fitting that today's dream deals with some very basic stuff: the archetypal images of mother, life, and death.

The Dream: I am in the parlor of my grandmother’s railroad apartment in Brooklyn. I notice the door that leads to the stairwell is not shut properly. As I notice, someone in the hall shuts the door; I think it’s a helpful neighbor. I go to secure the door by turning the deadbolt lock when the person outside pushes on the door, attempting to get in. I push back and manage to bolt the door. I awaken in terror.

I had this dream shortly after Mother’s Day. The most remarkable thing about it is how frightened I felt when I awakened. My grandfather died when my mother was very young, leaving my foreign-born grandmother to support three children. She avoided remarrying because she had been mistreated by a step-parent and didn't want to risk that possibility for her own children. My mother was born in the apartment. So for me the place symbolizes these two gentle and loving souls, mother and grandmother, the unsung heroes of my life. Both are deceased. My distress is brought on by realizing my mothers have been lost (railroaded) to death (the dead bolt). And, of course, I will be as well.

At first the outside presence seems benign; my first impression is that it is helpful, and there is a helpful aspect to death once the losses of old age become apparent. But still, for me, terrifying.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carla, Congratulations on the 300th post to your blog! What an accomplishment! As for the dream, one other thought that came to mind for me was whether someone in waking life "attacked" you somehow - like made a remark that hurt you, whether intended to hurt or not. Or, are you attacking yourself in some way (for example, negative self talk)? or did you lose a sense of security in some way? For, to me, psyche is trying to shut the door on something threatening, and places me in a very comforting place - the parlor of my beloved grandmother. It's wonderful that we can call upon the memories of our unsung heroes or heroines to get us through some tough places in life. I can't wait for the next 300 posts! Emily

Carla Young said...

Thank you, Emily, for your always insightful comments; they add a lot to this blog, illustrating the rich and varied possibilities of a dream's meaning.

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