Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Men in Hats

Dream Image: A panel with three heads in 16th c. hats.

Interpretation: The hats represent the different roles I play; the date (16th c) tells me that these roles were defined for me sometime in the past, perhaps when I was 16. The green background, alluding to growth, says it’s time to grow past these old ways of being in the world: it’s time for a change, and I need to remember that change starts with a rearrangement of my fixed ideas, in other words, in the head beneath the hat.


  1. Carla, I don't necessarily see these 3 hats as fixed ideas needing to be changed. Rather, I see them as 3 personas of the myself today. An idiom "the hat I am wearing" comes to mind. Why 3 and not 4 hats? Which one is missing, in terms of "wholeness" represented by the number 4? And the symbology of the number 3 would open up another level of discussion as well. Green as a color is "set between the blue of heaven and the red of hell, it mediates between hot and cold, high and low". (from "Dictionary of Symbols" by Chevalier). There are 3 pages describing the color green ("medieval painters depicted the Cross in green, ... the human race was regenerated through Christ's sacrifice..."). So - more to think about! I see that all the faces are male - perhaps the feminine hat is on break? Thanks again for your illustrations and posts! Emily

  2. Thanks, Emily, and welcome back!