Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crossing My T's and Dotting My I's

The Dream: At a T junction a toddler breaks away from the group she's with and runs into the street. I am closest to the infant so I step into the street holding up my hand to stop the flow of cars. As I go after the baby I feel partially paralyzed: either because I'm concerned that I'll get hit by a car or because I can't move as fast as I think I should. In any case it's fast enough. I pick up the baby, who is safe, and return her to her parents who, I think, should have been watching over her more carefully.

Interpretation: As recent difficult life transitions visit my children in waking life I struggle with feelings of motherly inadequacy. Am I doing enough to save them? Are they okay on their own? The dream says I could have done more (moved faster to avert a looming problem) but it also says I've done enough. The baby is safe.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carla, Thanks for posting this dream! I can't help but look at the T for more insight as the main action occurred at this "T-intersetion" and not on a street corner nor on an ordinary road. I've looked up "T" and have found various things - T can be the "Tau" cross in the OT and there are several what I call "traits" linked to the letter T - see Tony Crisp's dictionary as well as "Names with the letter "T". Anyway, I feel I've only made a mild inroad - but this intersection just intrigues me. There's the dead end, and having to make a choice of whether to turn left or right. So within this layer of direction is where the action of saving the baby occurs. Huge dream! Thanks, Emily

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