Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I've Stuck My Foot In

Dream Image: I see feet and legs, truncated below the knee, standing in a shallow, rocky stream bed. These partial limbs do not look gruesome in any way even though they represent things that have been thrown away. Water rushes by.

Interpretation: The rushing water represents my unconscious. A rocky road (the rocky stream bed) is a difficult part of my life journey. My feet, normally the part of my body that grounds me, have been detached and are now useless (trash, something that has been thrown away): I am attempting to throw away my difficulties. The dream warns me that I won't be a complete person unless I face them; they are part and parcel of the flow of life.

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Carla Young said...

Emily asked me to post this comment for her:

Hi Carla, It could be, too, that I have hit my "rock bottom" of something or other. From here, it's only up! For the feet are balanced and seem to have life; after all, they are standing, not lying in the stream bed. Hmmm, "stream of consciousness" comes to mind - what have I been thinking about lately - what stream of thought has been going through my head? Perhaps I truncated a stream of thought or an idea(s) about something that I need to go back and finish thinking through. Great image! Emily

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