Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some Excellent Dream Workshops

Dreamworker Lisa Rigge will teach a couple of excellent dream workshops in the SF Bay Area this fall. Dream Appreciation will explore dreaming and working with dreams to better understand yourself and the nature of dreaming. You will learn how to increase dream recall, record dreams and decipher dream symbols. Writing and drawing exercises get you working with your own dreams. Two sessions starting Oct 4 and Nov 14 in Dublin, CA. For details see: Dream Appreciation

Lisa's second class, Honor Your Dreams Using Collage, teaches how to transform the images, puns and symbols dreams create into a collage and, optionally, poetry or prose.  In this class, rather than interpreting the dream the emphasis will be on working with and honoring it; nevertheless you might be surprised at what you discover about yourself in the process. Experience in working with dreams or in creating collage is not required. Offered twice, Nov 17 and Dec 1, in Livermore, CA. For details see: Honoring Your Dreams

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