Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Ubiquitous Toilet Dream

Okay, dear reader, I think we know each other well enough by now that I can post something that reeks of the indelicate: a toilet dream. Sooner or later, I’ve heard, we all have one. This example shows how dreams can help us flush no longer relevant feelings.

The Dream:
I’m with a group exiting a building when I realize I have to go to the toilet. We’re starting off on a journey, but I think I can slip away and rejoin the group before departure.

I find a ladies room nearby. The seat is up, and it is already filled with urine and toilet paper. Being in a hurry I add mine to the batch. I don’t think the overloaded toilet can flush. I’m surprised when the receptacle, which now appears over-sized, empties with a great whoosh of running water. I am relieved that it flushed.

Interpretation: Urine can stand for emotions that need to be expressed. Clearly, I’m overloaded with them. But the unconscious, which through dreams helps us purge useless emotional detritus, helps me out by supplying a great cleansing whoosh. My reaction (I’m relieved) tells me the dream process has done its work.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I periodically have "overflowing toilet" dreams -- I'll start paying closer attention to how they "end" -- I don't recall the kind of resolution that you describe.

Carla Young said...

That's a good idea--paying attention to how the toilet dream ends. Also, take a look at what's currently going on in your waking life to see if something needs to get flushed.

Geraldine Firequeen said...

In my toilet dreams, I am looking all over a house for a toilet. When I find one it is always standing on a carpeted floor and is never connected up. Even if I find a proper bathroom, the toilet is either missing or has been moved to another part of the room, again not connected. I cannot go to the toilet.

Carla Young said...

Geraldine, I would guess that you are looking for the proper outlet for something--feelings, talent, or energy, for example. The unconscious seems to be saying that the perfect opportunity to express yourself is not a part of your current milieu.

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