Sunday, January 6, 2013

Guest Dreamer: Flushing the Blues

Today's guest dreamer is getting rid of the blues.
The Dream: I shove my blue jeans into a toilet--pressing them under the water. That's all there was to it! Nothing before and nothing afterward. I did feel shocked that this is what I was doing with my blue jeans.

Interpretation: If it were my dream: the toilet is a place of elimination. I am flushing (getting rid of) the blues (sadness). This sadness has been an integral part of me--it's in my genes (jeans). I have shoved this depressed part into a place in the unconscious (underwater) where it can be dealt with and eliminated. I'm surprised I could do this.

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Anonymous said...

What a great dream and illustration! My dream has a different meaning, especially since I am shocked at what I am doing. I am not flushing the blue jeans down the toilet, and I don't say that I am feeling relief by what I am doing. Because of this, my projected version of the dream is showing me that I am not acknowledging my depression and/or I am not handling it in a healthy way. I am shoving it underwater, but for me it's a place where it (my blues, my depression, or perhaps underlying anger) is not being dealt with. But now because of this dream, I have a conscious awareness of what I am doing and/or have been doing and can better deal with whatever life situation generated this dream. Thanks again, Carla, for the dream! Emily

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