Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guest Dreamer: I Fly Too High

Bhilal 's dream, while very short, is long on archetypes.
The Dream: I'm flying and doing very well at it learning how to navigate but abruptly I feel a fear of going too high and losing control so I come down. I land on top of a white building. I examine looking for a way to get down...can't find one and I realize I can no longer fly in order to get down.

Carla's thoughts: I'll respond to Bhilal 's dream as if it were my own. As the dream opens I'm flying. I'm above it all and doing well, learning how to navigate the things in my life that need to be dealt with. But soon I see the answer is not to try to get around them. My dream tells me I need to come back down to earth, in other words, deal with my situation realistically. As I soar I feel myself losing control (I can't escape), so I decide to land, finding myself on a white building. The color white hints that the grounded part of myself (the building that is a bridge between me and the earth) will lead me to my true path (enlightenment).

There's another aspect to building: what's being built is something I'm creating, something that's in the process of becoming. For the moment I'm stuck, and that realization might be what I need in order to move on. Something has changed. Something that once was appropriate, something that once worked for me (flying) no longer does. The task the dream sets me is to figure out a new way to come safely back down to earth.


Emily said...

Love this dream! One aspect of flying is of dreamer, or me in this case, being too inflated. I am "above it all". So, yes, getting grounded is a must for me. I am intrigued by a flying dream/white building combination - I'd love more input on that, for recently my dream entailed flying in an airplane, and flying down to the ground through a city of clean, white buildings, we passengers preparing for a rough, but safe landing. So the opposites are ascent/descent, with white buildings being quite the symbol! What could be being built could relate to the spiritual aspect of myself - and as I type this I get an AHA. For I've been doing a lot of spiritual examination lately, and find that my spiritual paradigms have changed, and yes, it's a change of beliefs, not yet quite of faith, but a patch of life that's been rough, and as my landing is rough, my psyche is not all patched up yet. So, in my "I fly too High" dream, I am still at the place where I am examining my beliefs, my psyche has risen to the task, but it'll take time and another way of getting down to examine the rest of my core beliefs, or to change direction to safely appease my psyche. Not sure this makes sense to anyone else but me! Thanks Bhilal & Carla for sharing and commenting on this dream!

Carla Young said...

Thanks, Emily. I hope we'll hear from Bhilal as well and get her insights into this very interesting dream.

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