Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Tree of Life

The Dream: An image of a tree that bears many different kinds of fruit, for example, pomegranates, plums, cherries.

Interpretation: As if to compensate for the petrified wood (life turned to stone) of my dream from a few nights ago called "Oblivion", the wood in this tree is teaming with life. The image symbolizes the unfathomable mystery and complexity of life and consciousness, signaling that a healing process is underway.


Mike Gerge said...

I have been a normal visitor of this site and I love reading blogs posted here. They are really very well written, particular and to the point. Thanks.

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Carla Young said...

Thank you, Mike. It's nice to know the blog is useful--I do wonder sometimes.

Emily said...

I see more and more of a pattern of our nightly dreams presenting the opposites to us on different nights of dreaming. This is in addition to opposites being paired in individual dreams in a single night. This tree of fruit is so indicative of the Feminine as well - and of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. Trees expand into all areas of life - the roots in the unconscious, the trunk here on earth, and the branches reach for spirit. For me, in my version of the dream, the healing has taken place, resolution has happened, an impasse has been cleared. I am truly bearing fruit!

Carla Young said...

That's an interesting point, Emily, and now that you mention it I am aware that I have seen dreams answering other dreams. Thank you!

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