Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fretwork Woman

The Dream:
My artist friend P wants to get together but I keep putting her off. After a while I can tell she doesn't believe my excuses, and it's true they are a lack of enthusiasm rather than anything concrete. I just don't feel like getting together. I see an image of a very tall female figure made of interconnected open shapes, a figure made of fretwork.

My friend P represents my inner artist. She is upset and hurt that I don't want to engage with her. I'm feeling too low for creative play. The dream tells me to stop fretting before that's all that's left of me.


Anonymous said...

or your dream shows to you the origin of your talent, something naive and ancient like fretworking/
or, fret means also worry, discomfort. You need interconnected open shapes to canalize your worries.

Carla Young said...

And perhaps if I can focus on the connections and the openness instead of the worry (the fretting) I will be able to move forward. Thanks for that insight.

Anonymous said...

wish you will do !

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