Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So Ugly She’s Cute

The Dream: My college friend Mary has a baby who’s so ugly that she’s cute. She is brown with straight golden-brown hair cut in long bangs, and she wears glasses. The baby is very young, only a few months old. She nurses with delight at Mary’s large breast. It soon becomes clear that the baby is very precocious. She can sit and talk; we can tell she is extremely intelligent. Mary is thrilled with her baby.

I think the newly arrived brown babies (this is the second one recently) are linked to a more authentic artistic self emerging as I work on my illustrated dream journals. Not all will find these drawings “beautiful,” yet I find them immensely appealing: so ugly they are beautiful. In waking life Mary is someone who has expressed her own artistic proclivities through others: she married a writer and has many friends in the arts. In the dream the Mary part of me—not quite brave enough to be an artist—has given birth to someone who might manage it. Mary nourishes the baby and is thrilled with her arrival: both good signs.


Anonymous said...

I like how this dream follows the dream "You are an actress, so act!". There's a saying "Fake it until you make it". It appears it didn't take long for this idiom to become a psychic or waking life reality. For, now the brown baby is born - the shadowy baby with all the attributes of a successful artist with an abundance of nourishment. I've just finished listening to Clarissa Estes Pinkola CD "In the House of the Riddle Mother" where she discusses women's dreams. She has many fine examples of birthing dreams. She's be pleased to hear about this one! Emily

Carla Young said...

Thanks, Emily, for pointing out that interesting connection.

Openfoot said...

Hello Carla, I can empathise with dreams of dark skinned babies and children. I've had some of my own. I always feel a sense of resonance when I see the same dream motifs appearing in different peoples dreams. You've revealed your's so I hope it's OK to reveal mine. This is a fragment of a longer dream. In the children’s school they are all standing in single file, queuing to receive a meal. The Negro boy stands out prominently. There is altogether some quality about this boy, of a love for life, a spontaneity, of a certain immediateness. He begins to hum and do a little dance. Soon the whole queue is following his example. Everyone is bopping around and humming in the queue.

The negro boy suddenly has an idea for an imaginary game of football (soccer). About five other boys fall out of the queue with him. They engage in the imaginary game, with mock laughs, cries of anguish, falling and kicking actions etc. The whole scene is one of people having fun, truly joyful. These emotions are prominent in the Negro boy especially. Wishing you creative Dreams for 2012. And by the way I really enjoy your dream drawings!

Carla Young said...

For me the brown, earthlike color represents something elemental. If I look at your dream this way, Openfoot, it tells me that joy and playfulness are part of my basic nature.

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