Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Possibilities than I Thought

The Dream: I have grown my hair out, and it lies fine and lanky below my shoulders. It's a boring gray/brown color, and although I look youngish I think that the long, fine, dull hair ages me. Then it occurs to me that I can change it. I can curl my hair to give it body. Then I see myself with vibrantly colored red/gold/brown hair, thick and luxuriant, styled with an upward flip at the ends.

Going with the idea that my hair, coming out of my head, is a symbol for my thoughts, the dream shows me changing my dull, lackluster thinking for something new and exciting. The dream message? There's a change I can make, and I'll be glad I did.


Emily said...

To me, such a different hairstyle symbolizes a new and exciting persona. Perhaps because I am thinking differently, I am also projecting myself differently. We all wear personas in our different social situations; perhaps I can now be more authentic and luxurious in my dealings with others.

Carla Young said...

And maybe not as boring!

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