Sunday, December 22, 2013


In this dream the goddess, mourned in the last dream, has re-emerged.
The Dream: A woman in archaic costume is transfigured into a goddess. I see this happen, and I see the changes that take place on her face. For a moment I see reflected in her face a naked power. She composes herself and holds herself erect and majestic. Others doubt, and will doubt, her godhood. She, however, is completely assured.

It's the time of year that I expect a god to be born, and this dream reflects that expectation. The dream tells me I don't have to accept a fixed idea about who or what a god may be; gods will appear in ways that astonish.


  1. Ah - how interesting! If we follow our dreams, in the sense of tracking them, I think we'll see this death/birth theme over and over from one dream to the next. Or over a period of weeks or months. What a wondrous dream to have! If all we women could honor the Goddess in ourselves. I wonder, though, what has transfigured in the dreamer? Perhaps a sense of claiming her own power?

  2. Thanks for the beautiful and thought-provoking comment. I'll have to give some thought to my own "transfiguration."