Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Blond, A Baby, and a Joint

The Dream: A platinum blond woman has a new baby. I am wondering about her age: I would have thought she was as old as I—but the baby proves she's younger. I think her platinum blond hair is so close to gray in color that she might as well let it go gray. She is very petite and superficial, reminding me of someone who might work in real estate. She is very judgmental over superficial things. To show off how petite she is, she sits with her baby in a baby car seat.

Somewhere in all of this is an artist. I'm not sure whether it's her, a friend of mine (I think that's it) or me. But everything about the blond is done with style, so it seems she would appreciate this artist, whose work is hip and stylish.

I decide, in light of having this done-up creature around, that I'd better put on some eyebrows. My brothers think this would be interesting to watch, and they peer at me as I apply the eyebrow powder. I get the impression that Nick has smoked a marijuana joint. I'm surprised. Nick has always impressed me as very straight. Greg says, “You'd better watch it; you'll get Dad in trouble.” He's alluding to our father's security clearance.

Interpretation: Dreams can tell us many things, but one thing this dream is telling me is that I think I'm superficial. And I have this to say to my dream:
You say I'm superficial:
I won't deny it.
I'm not the diamond, but its sparkle.
I'm not the ocean, but its glinting.
I'm not the cave, but its hand prints.  
Play with me.


  1. In connection with the woman, I'm wondering why you would connect someone working in real estate with her?

  2. In my part of the country, realtors are meticulously groomed, beautifully dressed, and drive luxurious cars. Since they resemble Hollywood stars, I suppose my unconscious mind sees them as superficial.

  3. Are all Hollywood stars superficial?

  4. How did you come about with the perception of realtors, resembling Hollywood stars, being superficial because they are meticulously groomed?

  5. The Unconscious goes where the Unconscious goes--this is not a logical deduction. You will notice that the person in the dream I believe to be superficial is myself; the realtor/actress is an avatar of that part of myself. Why you find this particular image so interesting?

  6. Because of your perception. Attempting to get to the point where you first connected that because a realtor is meticulously groomed, beautifully dressed, and drive luxurious cars, they resemble Hollywood stars, and therefore must be superficial.