Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Not an I (Eye) Surgeon

The Dream:
There is an eye surgery nearby. The head doctor, who does laser surgery, is an affable phony. He's been friendly, so I go back to see him. He's in the middle of an operation. To get to him I have to walk all the way to the end of his facility, a long, narrow room. I see him working next to a large rectangular surgical table covered by a tray filled with blood. The smell puts me off, plus I can see he's busy, so I leave.

As I get to the front door one of his assistants, an officious nurse, points to a flimsy sign, folded over in a way that makes it unreadable, handwritten on lined school paper. The sign says, “Stay Out!” or “No Admittance.” She is judgmental in that quiet, huffy, offended way that some women have perfected. She says something like, “Didn't you see the sign?” as she slams and locks the door after me.

I feel guilty and ill at ease about having trespassed, even though I hadn't seen the sign. I worry that I will be the cause, or be blamed, if there's a difficulty with the eye operation.

Interpretation: This dream was triggered by a guest dreamer post:  The Dream. I saw the dream as sexual, in some way connected to the dreamer's menses, related either to her actual father's reaction to her coming to womanhood or to the father as symbolic of the culture's values. I was concerned that the woman who offered the dream might be offended by my interpretation. My own dream tells me that I shouldn't go near the blood, that I am trespassing. Perhaps with this particular dream, I was “at the end of [my] facility;” in other words, either my comments were facile or I was out of my depth. And this could be true because, to avoid upsetting the dreamer, I did feel the need to soften my reaction to her dream. I see the doctor in my dream as a phony, but affable.

If I make a mistake with someone's “I” (eye) I leave myself open to a huffy, offended judgment. At least as far as that particular guest dream goes, my own psyche thinks it might have been better to see the writing on the wall (the sign) and “Stay out!”

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Emily said...

I've been unconsciously processing this dream, and the guest dream the dream refers to, for some time now. Words will now help me with my perspective and projections. My projections on the Guest Dream was not at all what Carla had written, and I found that fascinating. Regardless, is the Eye of this dream the dream-ego "I" or the waking ego "I"? In my dream, I am suffering from some sort of complex (s) that has been triggered. I still don't have a great sense of how our complexes work in dreams, but from what little I know, our negative Mother Complex puts us in a place of needing to please in order to be loved. So I have this dream, thinking that I displeased the original dreamer upon whose dream I projected. Then I see a sort of Father Complex, in that I feel inferior, and I should not have even attempted to project on the dreamer's dream! To work with this dream, I would like to start and have a dialogue/active imagination with that huffy, quiet, officious nurse. Why is she so serious about activating all of her defenses? How can I befriend her and calm her down? The blood also intrigues me, as I've had dreams of blood being taken out of my body. Blood is our essence; it carries oxygen, proteins, all that we need to live. My blood is now in a tray, smelling badly. How can I be resurrected, my self-esteem, through healthy blood, restored? Another take I have is to ask what signs have I missed, perhaps not in regards to the Guest Dreamer's dream at all, but somewhere else? And what if the "I" operation is a success, can I take credit for that if I can take the blame if it fails? The phony doctor intrigues me as well - and the question that arises for me is "How have I been phony in regards to doctoring (healing) myself?". Perhaps taking so much guilt on in regards to my post is the phoniness of our complexes. Our complexes take us over and we buy into their self-deceptions. I am buying into a Guilt Complex. Perhaps to get out of its grips, I need a reality check. See what the Guest Dreamer really thought about my post, if that's a possibility. So, to me, this is a great dream where several complexes have been activated, to the detriment, not the health, of the dreamer, in the dream at least. Once conscious of these active complexes, I can take steps to dispel their hold on my psyche, including on my dreams!

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