Sunday, February 14, 2016

Can't Complain

Here's another way to approach your dream content. As you go over the dream, look at the things that are frustrating. Write down your reaction to each as you go. I'll demonstrate the method by indicating each frustration as I report the dream.
The Dream: I'm staying outside New York City in a run-down, less expensive area. (1. I can't afford a better place, closer to where I want to go.) I have parked my convertible, roof down, in a lot. The next morning I hurry past the lot to get a bus for the art museum, mentally timing how long it will take to get there, not long, I think. (2. I'm feeling time pressure.) Then I notice the locked glove compartment of my car has been pried open and its contents stolen. (3. Something has been taken from me.) I wonder if my husband will blame me for leaving the top down, but I don't think that putting it up would have stopped the perps; they would have cut through it. (4. Will others—do I—think this is my own fault?)

I try to locate the lot owners. To do so I walk around the outskirts of the lot. (5. Where are the people who should be available to help me?) The lot is part of a surprisingly upscale, mall-like area with restaurants and shops. I finally locate their classy desk, and there are others grouped around it, also ready to lodge complaints (6. There's a lot of dissatisfaction here.)

After a while I notice a sign on the desk saying the employee will return in 15 minutes. I wish I had seen it earlier so I could have timed my wait (7. I've been wasting my time.)

Most waiting around the desk are men, and all are congenial. We're making the best of it. I figure there are these four ahead of me and I try to estimate how long it will be before I can lodge my complaint if each takes X amount of time. (8. Time is slipping away from me.) Off to my right I notice a room full of college desks filled with people, and that there was some sort of sign-in sheet on the large desk. Oh no! All these others are ahead of me (9. It's worse than I thought.) I'll never be able to get on with what I had intended to do today.

Interpretation: As I noted the frustrations, the dream's meaning became clear. I'm not close to where I want to go on my life's journey. I'm in a difficult place. I underestimated how long it would take me to get where I had intended to go. I feel that something's been taken from me, and I suspect it's my own fault. It's not at all likely that anyone else is going to help me. I'd say the dream's message is that if I need help I'd better get it from myself and stop expecting someone else to solve my problem, no matter whose fault it is. And the worst part? There's no one to hear my complaint!

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