Sunday, March 13, 2016

Longing for Union with God

It's not unusual for spiritual longings to appear in dreams as carnal desire.
The Dream: This dream featured a Christ-like figure that I would like to have sex with, but he is too otherworldly for that sort of thing.

Interpretation: This dream was inspired by a story I heard commemorating the huge Alaskan earthquake 50 years ago that destroyed just about everything, except for a wood frame Russian Orthodox Church. My spirit (soul) would love to unite with this religion, but it's too far from my “world” of science and logic, not to mention feminism, for this to happen.


divinefeminine said...

In my imagined version of your dream, I'm feeling that my animus needs to be "juiced up" and brought down to earth.
My spiritual longings want to be embodied in an active, more physical way. But yet there is the theme of willing sacrifice as shown by the Christ figure. He took a huge risk by being a rebel in the world, and was killed for it.

Carla Young said...

Thank you, divinefeminine. Your combination of the physical with the spiritual is an interesting point and adds an important dimension to the dream's possibilities. And thanks for pointing out the idea of the "willing sacrifice"; this theme has emerged in several of my dreams over the years. At the moment I see our mortal lives as the willing sacrifice that we make in order to experience consciousness.

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