Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Baby and the Spider

The Dream: A baby is sleeping. A giant spider with a large round black body sits next to her head. I try to ignore this, feeling squeamish. If I ignore it maybe it isn't there. After a short while I realize I must face the situation, take action, deal with it. First I try to move the spider without killing it, but it seems stuck to its spot. So I crush it. Then I realize the spider was stuck because it was laying eggs. I've never seen a spider of this size or type before, and I wonder if it has come from the tropics.

Interpretation: There is an important part of myself, represented by the black circular body of the spider, that I resist recognizing and integrating into my persona. This rejected and ignored part contains a lot of creative potential (its eggs) which it is depositing near a baby, symbolic of  a new life phase. The tropics, where the spider originates, represent a more primal part of myself. That the spider wants to deposit the eggs near the baby's head implies that an attempt is being made to infuse the intellect with something more basic and earthier.

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