Thursday, December 31, 2009

Costumed Women

When you look at the content of your dreams, you'll often notice they reveal feelings you’re unaware of.  That was the case for me with this one.

The Dream: I’m at a meeting of a women’s group. All the women are dressed in the same silly costume, something like a clown. I think it’s amusing and take a picture for the newsletter.

Interpretation: To belong to a group I have to merge my identity with others, symbolized here by our all being dressed the same. I don’t care for this: I think it’s silly—but also amusing. Even as I question the validity of the group I am furthering its aims—being a good group member—by taking a picture for the newsletter. This is a metaphor for the compromises we make to be members of society.

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rachel said...

In my dream, they are all tricksters. The sheer number of clowns makes me suspect that enough trickster forces are gathering in my unconscious to discombobulate external reality!
I know this is an important process and so I want to record it.

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