Monday, January 18, 2010

Mother and Child Reunion

The Dream: Sara has been visiting us, and her son John has been with a sitter. When the sitter brings the baby to us I am excited and want to hold him. I am leading him by the hand and somehow drop him on the concrete. I am upset, but John doesn’t cry. I pick him up and carry him. Later I give him to Sara.

Interpretation: The Divine Child archetype reappears in this dream. I take the baby too literally (drop him on the “concrete”). The dream is telling me to look beyond the literal meaning of things. Ultimately the child (my inner child) is where he belongs: united with his mother. This reunion of two things which should be together tells me that my own protective abilities (my inner mother) will take care of my vulnerabilities and creative potential, symbolized by my inner child. 


rachel said...

In my dream the number four appears again, with the four characters. One of them is still an infant, possibly representing a less developed function of the self. He endures an accident with grace; he is already being educated as to the ways of the world! I don't need to worry about him.

Carla Young said...

Good catch on seeing the number 4. It took me a while, even after you pointed it out.

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