Monday, May 3, 2010

My Inner Frog

That little inner voice that lets you know when you’re on the right—or wrong—track might be more humble than you'd expect.

The Dream: A little girl is sick. She has a frog living inside her. This is not the cause of her sickness but does cause some symptoms. When she goes to the doctor the frog is discovered. An illness is also discovered and treated, so the frog has saved her life.

The doctors want to remove the frog, which would kill it, but the little girl will not allow it. It is said, several times, that because the doctor said to her “The frog is bad,” and her mother had said to her when she was four, “You are bad,” the girl identifies with the frog and doesn’t want him hurt.

Later the girl has some abdominal pain and goes to the doctor. A nurse tells her nothing is wrong with her. The girl insists, standing up to an adult which is unusual for her. Again, the frog has alerted her to an illness. Again the doctor treats her, and she is cured.

Like the frog that turns into a prince in the fairy tale, this frog has an important role to play in my life. My child accepts him, and so must I; he is important to my health and well-being. Listen to your inner frog!


Anonymous said...

Love this dream and its interpretation! Long live the frog!

I think often little kids are made to feel "less" than their elders and betters, which is why the frog imagery and the little girl identifying with it so strongly are so great!

Carla Young said...

I'm glad you like this dream, Tasha. I'll be posting another dream featuring an unusual little creature day after tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

This is a good giggle getter. Ha!

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