Friday, April 30, 2010

Redefining the Mission

What’s really important? Your dreams will let you know.

The Dream: A male friend and I are doing an art project. He is about my height and we work well together. I have reworked our mission statement. One had been given to us when we started, but I feel my understanding of the project has surpassed what we were told, and I am very pleased with our newly defined “mission.”

My friend can’t type, but wants to show me how to shade a figure. I want to learn this, since I feel that my shading has been somewhat botchy. But I am so excited about the mission statement that I also want to run off and write it down. Again he wants to show me shading. I say, “I suck at shading.” He demonstrates a simple way to do it, using the side rather than the tip of a sharpened pastel stick. I feel a great sense of relief at casually admitting an area I’m not good at, thinking, “I don’t have to be perfect anymore. I can be accepted as I am. I can accept myself as I am.”

The two sides of the brain--one verbal, the other visual--seem to be having a dialogue here. When I can accept their teamwork I have a revelation.

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