Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Bossy Woman

The Dream: A stout and bossy woman, in an office, is talking too loud. She is promoting some sort of “help” she pedals to groups. At first it sounds interesting, and I wonder if she might be a good speaker for a women’s group I belong to. I try--again and again--to ask if she would like to do this, but she won’t let me get a word in. Her over-loud voice is embarrassing, and her bossy manner and unwillingness to listen, annoying. Finally I just want her to go away. She exits to the left.

Interpretation: In my last posted dream it looked as though I were reconciling conflicting parts: the stay-at-home femininity of my youth with the woman-active-in-the-world of my adulthood. But just as I thought progress was being made a shadow figure emerges to let me know that I haven’t finished. And she wants to be heard! (She's very loud.) Jung says shadow figures contain parts of ourselves that we dislike and don’t want to acknowledge. I push this bossy, embarrassing creature back down into the unconscious (she exits to the left). Want to bet she’ll be back?


Angela said...

Oh my gosh! I don't know for sure, but I'm going with the hunch I got after reading this post. Paralleling your dream shadow figure to a recent jealousy issue I'm facing, I make a connection. I see this girl I am jealous of as a Vixen, an archetype I relate to in my past. Projecting my shadow figure onto this girl, I am faced with owning up to feelings of remorse, regret, and disgust. In reality, this girl is cute with an air of confidence. I want that, without requiring validation from men, thus causing potential jealousy amongst their romantic partners. And I definitely don't want to hate this girl, because of my own distress. I choose to let it go, to see her as an individual who may or may not be playing the role of Vixen, and to respect her own personal journey.

I'm going to have to find a dream group. This is very healing!

Oh, and I love the dappled glimmering light that dots your shadow figure's dress and her work space. Her momentary "silence" in this piece, is golden. :)

Carla Young said...

Thank you, Angela, and I hope you find a dream group to enhance your exploration.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried public speaking?
You might find it helpful and interesting!

Just a thought:)b

Carla Young said...

This must be a synchronicity: I'm in the middle of preparation for a talk on my painting. Thanks for the encouragement!

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