Monday, October 4, 2010

Naked at Walgreen’s

Jung tells us we can never bring all our unconscious material to consciousness. With dreams, it’s two steps forward, one step back.

The Dream: I’m going to Walgreen’s. There are showers at the back of the store to the right. I sit on the curb in front of the store and begin to remove my clothes in anticipation of showering. I begin to feel self-conscious and wonder why I didn’t wait until I got to the shower area to disrobe. I go into the store, which has turnstiles near the entrance, hoping no one will notice my nakedness.

Interpretation: Something significant to my psyche is on the cusp on consciousness, but doesn’t quite make it. What about this dream makes me think so? First, the name of the store: Walgreen’s. A wall is some sort of block or impediment. But this wall is green anticipating growth, or a breakthrough. This is emphasized by the showers (water indicates the unconscious) at the back (something from the past) but also to the right (hinting that this material may become conscious). A store, of course, is a place where we keep things, like a storehouse. I’m so ready for this immersion into previously unaccepted material that I throw off my clothes, and immediately regret it.

Self-consciousness intervenes. Jung’s term for the complete person, one who has integrated her unconscious material, is the Self. Self-consciousness here is one of those entertaining little paradoxes dreams throw at us: being conscious of myself prevents me from developing my Self.  I do get past a barrier (the turnstile) but I’m too concerned with my vulnerability (nakedness) to progress further — at least not in this dream.


Angela said...

Carla, I just found your blog through Jane Teresa Anderson's reference posted on Facebook. Thanks for sharing your dreams, illustrations, and interpretations. Reading them inspires me to look at my own dreams with renewed energy. I have had several dreams of living in a "house" that is actually a storefront but hadn't really gotten very far in understanding what it could represent. All kinds of ideas are popping up now. Congrats on the blog!


Carla Young said...

Hi Angela,
Houses come up a lot in my dreams, and many dream workers think they stand in for the dreamer. So you might take a look at how the house (or storefront) is represented in your dream to get some clues as to what it might mean. I'm glad the ideas are percolating--good luck!

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