Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life in the Swamp

The Dream: Clark and I are in a wasteland, trying to get back. At one point the ground becomes muddy. The swampy earth clings to Clark’s shoes. He is wearing his “good” shoes, so this is distressing. My shoes are more appropriate to the hike, so I am not bothered. The damp and sticky ground begins to give way to streams of varying widths, and I am concerned that Clark will not be able to wade across. However, he manages easily by jumping. We return to a modern maze-like structure.

Interpretation: Clark, my other half, represents my animus. Delving into unconscious material (the swamp) finds him at a disadvantage. As the unconscious material begins to take shape (changes into streams) I realize he could be in trouble. But since he is the part of me that ignores this sort of thing, he manages by jumping over it. We leave the deeper, swampy material behind in order to attend to a current conundrum (the modern maze-like structure).


Anonymous said...

I am taken by the fact that Clark "wears his good shoes"; it reminds me of "goody two shoes". If I am "too good" all the time, how am I able to live my authentic life? The mud is a mixture of earth and rain (the feminine), and one can get "stuck in the mud" or not stay in it by jumping over it. I find it a good sign that the mud develops into water, or consciousness/emotion. Perhaps by being a goody two shoes, I am not experiencing or acknowledging all the emotions that I could. I start in a wasteland (T.S. Elliot poem) and I end up in a maze after traversing through mud and water. So, I still have some puzzling issues to work out as I head into the maze. Something current, modern, happening today. Will I find myself getting through the maze as well? Perhaps some following dreams clarified this! Emily

Carla Young said...

Great comment, Emily. Thanks.

Morpheus said...

How odd! I just read your post, but a couple weeks ago I had a kind of similar dream, featuring mud and water.

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