Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Frog and the Baby

The Dream: An earlier dream about a frog morphed into one about an adorable baby, whose diaper I’m having a lot of trouble changing. I mention to no one in particular that it was not such a problem when I had to change my own children.  The baby is very patient. By the time I get her clean diaper on I think she’s already wet herself again, but I don’t want to investigate that too far because I’d have to go through the trouble of another change. Her parent is going to take her someplace in a convertible, so I place her on the back seat, propped up like a papoose. Then I think better of it, fearing she might go flying out and come to harm. I suggest to the parent that we put her on the floor of the backseat. He comes to look to make sure the spot is a good one and that she will fit into it, and then concurs.

Interpretation: This dream is about some part of me that I don’t like becoming acceptable. The appearance of the frog tips the dream’s hand: in the fairy tale the despised frog turns into a prince. The nascent part of myself (the baby) presents me with some difficulties (she is hard to change), and I underline the difficulty when I comment that my own children were “not such a problem.” After a struggle I am successful in changing the baby, but the effect doesn’t last: she immediately wets herself. This tells me she represents a persistent part of my unconscious, and one that I would rather not take a look at. (I don’t want to investigate that too far.)

But one way or another, change is going to take place. A parent (male) arrives in a convertible (a car that converts, i.e., changes). I hand the newly emergent part of myself (the baby) off to this animus figure (the part of me that deals with the outside world). Both my animus and I seek to protect this newly formed, or discovered, part. However, as we protect her we also put her in the backseat, on the floor, where she can’t be seen--or get into trouble.

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Anonymous said...

Frogs are sexy little critters and they lay a lot of eggs. They are highly productive---very busy creators. They come to maturity by transformation (the tadpole). I believe the frog in your dream confirms your fertile imagination that expresses itself in metaphors and symbols in your dreams. In your dream the frog morphed into the baby where all that potential lies for the action your art takes at the developed level when you are awake.
Thank you for sharing your dreams with me in The Daily Dreamer. You are an amazing artist and self-knowing through your dreams.

Carla Young said...

Thanks for this different take on the dream. Certainly there are lots of transformation symbols here. I hadn't thought of relating them to the artistic process: but it makes sense because art is, in a sense, a record of one's transformative moments.

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