Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Baby’s on the Way

The Dream: I am pregnant, about to give birth. A friend has come for the event. The doctor has called and told me the birth will be in about a week. I tell this to my close circle of friends and family, and I begin to fret. I don’t want to have a caesarian and don’t know why I should, since both my previous children were delivered normally. Then I remember my age and how long it’s been since I last had a baby. I remember my Lamaze coach saying that each birth is unique; this experience will not necessarily be like a previous one.

Interpretation: I have just started a new painting and am concerned that my new “baby” might not come out the way I would like it to.

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Anonymous said...

I'm taken by the fact that I tell only my close circle of friends and family about this upcoming birth - hence, perhaps this new baby is more personal than anything I've done before. Thus I am safer telling my family and friends, rather than my peers in the working or in the art world. And, it'll be different than anything I've done before, as evidenced by what my Lamaze coach says (this experience won't be like a previous one). I think the tension of doing the painting will be resolved in about a week - will it be a "natural birth" or will it be "forced" (Caesarian)? Perhaps another way of expressing this conflict is to ask whether I am going to paint intuitively or paint intellectually (follow a preconceived idea). Will I create the painting, or will the painting create me? Great dream! Emily

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