Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspiration from Dreams

As an illustrator who has some published work I sometimes get queries from design students. One of their most frequent questions is “What inspires you?” Since the students usually don’t know about my work with dreams, they are sometimes surprised when I suggest they consider keeping an illustrated dream journal. Besides giving you a safe and private place to practice skills and play with media, a record of your dreams provides a treasure trove of imaginative ideas. When you’re looking for a subject for a painting or illustration you can look back over your journal and develop one of the images your dream gave you.

For example, I recently made a painting from the dream illustration for “The Chinese Bride.” Several important things changed: the shape of the piece, the medium, the pattern on her dress, the colors—but had I not had the dream and created an illustration for this on-line dream journal, that painting would never have been made. I liked the process and the outcome so much that I am already planning my next dream painting.


the shinning light said...

The idea is nice. I am Nelly. And I start recently my dream journal too but in a notebook with illustration. I am reading a book dream power by Laureli Blyth ( that I recommend you ) is very scientific and open and she inspired me for do that journal. And also I read a book of Sigmund Freud about the dreams( but is a little weird).
Is for me is an adventure in the world that is a secret because only me live there. I another world. The world of the unconscience mind. I want to learn more about the messages of my dream for my life. But is how you said is difficult try to interpret the meaning of the dream for my awake life. So ,congratulation of your blog. I like your blog.

An sorry for my English (grammatical) is a little bad.

Carla Young said...

Hi Nelly, Welcome to the wonderful world of dreams! I will take a look at the Blyth book that you recommended. Thank you.

I enjoyed your note; your English is charming. Where are you from?

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