Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The High Cost of Femininity

The danger of being a woman was on my mind: the evening before the dream I had read about the incessant rape by invading Tartars of indigenous Polish women, followed by their subjugation at the hands of Teutonic knights. Coincidentally, I had seen a history program on television that featured the rape committed by the Danes when they invaded England in the late middle ages.

The Dream: I have been taken somewhere to be given in marriage. There are several other women in the same situation; they might be my daughters, although we are all the same age. We spend some time buying beautiful, feminine clothing. The clerk is a very attractive person, with dark hair, and at one point we meet in a passionate embrace. The clothing is very expensive—I am surprised at how much it costs. I buy one blouse.

Interpretation: While I enjoy the beautiful things about being a woman, as symbolized by the lovely clothes, I become aware that they come at a price. I’m very attracted to whoever is selling me this concept (the salesperson); I embrace what he has to offer but I’m left thinking about its high cost, and I limit how much I buy (into it).


Anonymous said...

I relate to the concept, "the high cost of femininity" and the ambivalence of it all.
I like how your dream interpretation wraps up neatly with the literal and figurative cost. That seems to be a trademark of the Carla Young dream analysis.
Thanks you for sharing your dreams, your versatile art and skills of analysis.

Anonymous said...

I clue into the blouse - the part of clothing that covers our heart and chest. With all the lack of heart in the waking life experiences, this dream balances that by bringing the heart and the nurturing Feminine into the foreground. It seems to be a personal and a collective dream - healing needs to be done on the collective level as well . I am also struck that the setting is a future marriage - a place where the masculine and feminine should meet in harmony and equality. Emily

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