Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The Dream:
I want to buy some chickadees, some pretty little birds. A woman sells me five decorated eggs that she says will hatch out into the birds. Later I see her and she tells me that if the birds do hatch I must tell her how I did it and, what’s more, she wants them back. I feel angry, cheated, and annoyed that she is oblivious.

I want something that will fly, but instead am given potential flight. I have to pay for the thing I don’t want: the thing that I now realize has almost no chance of turning into what I do want. But—should the eggs hatch—I must return them. The number five is significant here; it’s when I started school. Does my psyche see this as the start of my confusing the gloss society puts on a thing (the decorated, infertile egg) with the thing itself (flying bird)? Am I only now realizing I’ve been conned?

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Anonymous said...

From "Dictionary of Symbols" by Chevalier and Gheerbrant: "The number 5 derives its symbolism because it is the sum of the first odd and even numbers (3+2)... and it is at the centre of the first nine well as being the number of the centre, of harmony and of balance." Of course, 5 could represent so many things - 5 days or years ago, 5 projects or ideas I have to work on, 5 members of my family, etc. What excites me about this dream is that the dreamer has the potential to bring these 5 chickadees to life. (a play on "chick" here as well - a reiteration of new birth) It's a special skill that perhaps needs to be shared with others, to those who are not as skilled as dream ego. Or a special skill that can't be "returned" once it's attained. I would also look at my waking life to see if there's a personal situation in which I have been feeling angry, cheated and annoyed, perhaps for not getting something off the ground that I intended to. Maybe something I've been working on something for 5 days or 5 months and it's just not working out. Great dream! Emily

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