Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Need to Focus

The Dream: I have purchased a very large telescope, and I have a special observation room on the second floor. In the daytime I can see small aspects of life, as if I were looking through a microscope. I’m looking forward to what I’ll see at night.

I become aware that there are other “princesses” like me who have telescopes, only theirs come with harnesses for their heads that enable the device to track automatically. There’s no need for these users to refocus. I wish I had spent more money and gotten myself a telescope like theirs.

Nighttime, dream time, promises to reveal a deeper, more insightful, vision of life. I’m having some difficulty focusing on what is being revealed. A deeper commitment to the process, symbolized by my spending more money (effort) on my equipment (what I need), might solve the problem.


Anonymous said...

In this dream, I have a feeling dream ego is actually on the "right track" and the princesses aren't. Their way is to "automatically track", which is done without thinking, without consciousness. And, they don't need to refocus, which could represent their refusal to change as a result of the learning taking place as they focus on their dreams. They have the easy way out, and for those of us really trying to learn from our dreams and intuition, manually tracking each incident and continually refocusing is, to me, the best option. That I have the telescope speaks volumes about my yearning to explore! Thus the tension between the opposites of manual processing verses automatically processing fascinates me - where and how will this tension resolve? Perhaps in another dream? Emily

Carla Young said...

Thanks, Emily. Your comment has made me think about the idea that often what brings insight is the thing that is just outside our awareness--the thing that isn't quite in focus.

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