Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Night Knight

A dream often seems to say two opposite things at once; perhaps this is part of their integrative function, to make a harmonious whole out of all the disparate ideas, urges, thoughts, needs that go into making us human.

The Dream: I am explaining to someone that unraveling a dream’s meaning is achieved by looking at the dream’s puns or wordplay. As I awaken I’m thinking, “Night Knight.”

Interpretation: My knight in shining armor (rescuer) is the night, bringer of dreams. “Wordplay”  tells me that the night realm (the unconscious) can be the place where my curious child comes out to play. The “knight/night” pun is symbolic: knight (rescuer); night (sleep, time of dreams). The knight’s shining amour implies goodness, a noble mission. And then there’s the flip side of both: the knight is a warrior, a killer; the night can be a fearful time when demons roam.


OPENFOOT said...

I love the way that in your illustration you can see straight through the knight's visor to the stars beyond. There is clearly no knight at home, he is not to be found. Which for me prompts the question: What is just appearance and where is "reality" to be found?

Carla Young said...

That's always the question, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Dear Carla,
I love how short and simple your dreams and interpretations often are. They don't need to be epic to get point across and the wisdom therein.

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