Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spider in the Garden

The Dream: I find a black widow spider in the garden. It scurries under something. I know I should kill it, but I don’t want to. I think it won’t hurt me if I don’t disturb it, if I leave it alone.

Interpretation: There’s a potentially poisonous emotion or situation I need to deal with, but I’m not ready to. Just as soon as it shows itself (starts to come to consciousness), it hides again (is repressed).  I decide to “leave it alone.”


Openfoot said...

Hello Carla

I thought that as you have been dreaming of spiders I might provide some alternative perspectives by referring to some of my own dreams of arachnids. It may be that there are some parallels here, assuming that spiders have some archetypal, or transpersonal significance.

At the end of my Dream 389 : "I notice a small black spider on its web. Dissolve… an energy field of yellow, orange and red light permeated by black streaks. Not a pleasant field. Anxiety. Fear. I will not merge with this".

At the start of Dream 390 a few days later: "Get that spider. Focus the light on him. He breaks up in it and dissolves. The flow lines of energy wash down over him. All traces of him are washed away and cleansed. A great feeling of open space and clarity".

From my perspective the spider is the weaver of "ego reality" at some point we are no longer satisfied with this vision of the real and need to place a more inclusive aspect of ourselves at the centre of our psychic reality. What would the garden be like without the spider? Would we rediscover our original pristine state. No longer suffer from alienation?

Is there a theme connecting "The End of Carla", " The Complications of Eradicating Evil"
and "A Spider in the Garden". As you always say Carla only the dreamer can decide.

Thank you for continuing to share your dreams.

Carla Young said...

Openfoot, thanks for posting an alternate suggestion. I like the progression, from anxiety to renewal, of your dream series. I'll keep an eye out for a similar progression in mine.

Anonymous said...

I dream of a small, but highly venomous, potential danger which hastens to hide itself under something as soon as I discover it. Its making a run for it looks it might be afraid of me. I know I should kill it, but I don't want to do it (why?). I reason that it won't hurt me if I don't rake it up. So I leave it alone/let it exist.

Regards, Octavia

Carla Young said...

Octavia, I think your idea of its being something I am afraid of--perhaps more afraid of than it warrants--is a good one. Thanks!

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