Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dancer in the Dance

The Dream: I’m taking dancing lessons. At first the teacher is enchanted with my potential. Later she comments on two of us students: “Clara and Carla, I thought they were going to be something special; but no, they are a disappointment.” I understand I have no outstanding talent, and I think “I’m too old for fancy leaps.” I awakened feeling unsettled.

Interpretation: In waking life I’m dealing with an elderly and demented relative, and part of the job is finding a burial site for her. This unpleasant duty was the inspiration for this dream. The meaning here of being unexceptional is that my fate in the dance of life is the same as her fate; in other words, I’m going to die. Of course this is not news, and yet to face it is unsettling, especially since I’m too old for fancy leaps.


Anonymous said...

I am reminded of "leap of faith" - perhaps somewhere between enchantment and disappointment is where faith resides. Emily

Carla Young said...

A leap of faith in the dance of death?

Anonymous said...

A leap of faith into death :) For we all die, no matter if we played out our potentials or not. -E-

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