Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Beautiful Dark Baby

The Dream: A good friend from my college days has a very young daughter, about 3 years old, with dark skin. I look at her husband to see if he is the source of the girl’s complexion, but he is as fair as his wife. The girl is adorable; her coloring is inexplicable. Was she adopted?

Interpretation: Something that has its roots in my past (college days) has recently (within the past three years) come to fruition. While it isn’t what I expected, and I’m not entirely sure where it came from, it is beautiful. Clearly I must adopt (accept) it.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful image! I'd explore the attributes of my friend and what our friendship revolved around to see what else this image is pointing to. That is, if I feel the need to "analyze" it more. For, why did the dream pick this friend and not another? Another thought that came to me is that this child is an integration of a shadow aspect of myself that is birthing into a new, positive way of being. Perhaps I've accepted a part of myself that I hadn't fully accepted, and now is appearing harmless and inviting. The flower, red, adds so much to the drawing - a color of passion blooming. Thanks, Emily

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