Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love and Death

Sometimes dreams very simply and clearly encapsulate the central issue of a life situation.

The Dream:
I am in a forest. To my left are four trees, whose leaves have turned beautiful fall shades. I move up a mountain in some mysterious way, as if on an invisible conveyor belt. The forest surrounding these four trees is deep conifer green. Out of an intense, palpable loneliness I pray to god for love. The god tells me that great love involves great pain and asks, “Can you handle it?” I say I can.

In waking life a close friend’s husband is dying, and as I watch her suffer I ask myself, in a dream, if this can be avoided. The dream tells me it cannot.


Openfoot said...

Hello Carla, What an interesting dream. I notice that you relate this to circumstances in you're outer life but as I know practically nothing of that my first thought was to look for links to your previous two "brown baby"  dreams. From my perspective the links are strong. Perhaps dreams can reference the inner and outer at the same time?  If you will allow me I will use your method and comment on your dream as if it were my own. 
Examining my dream narrative and drawing I recall the strong progression in my previous two dreams.  I recognise  that the "elemental brown earth" I was keen embrace there is present in the bulk of  hill in my new drawing. The hill even has the rounded egg like quality of the brown baby's head. I am being carried up the hill by some inner process that I am not in control of. I am being carried toward the sun,the light, at the top of the hill. The sky is golden green, colours of fulfilment and growth. To my left, my unconscious side, some of my energies are in decline (trees in fall) but this is not without beauty,  others are growing strongly (the green trees). This is not an easy journey and I seek reassurance from outside my ego. It is given and I give my consent for the process, the progress to continue. 
With best wishes.

Carla Young said...

Thank you very much, Openfoot, for your beautiful, spiritual interpretation. I'm left hoping you'll help with the next dream I'm going to post, which is very mysterious to me.

Firequeen said...

I think the four trees whose leaves have 'turned' may represent four things you are going to have to give up, or see go out of your life; your friend's husband being the first of these.

Carla Young said...

An interesting thought, Firequeen. The "shades" might also refer to ghosts, departed loved-ones. Unfortunately there have been more than four--

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