Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Serial Killer

As much as you might want to distance yourself from bad behavior in your dream, a first step in understanding the dream is to realize that all the people in it are you.
The Dream: My husband Clark is possibly a serial killer. I am looking for a woman friend to lunch with on my birthday.

Looking at the dream actors as combative parts of myself, my husband (my other half) has been killing off people (certain aspects of my psyche). In other words, my strongest part has been acting as an enforcer, subduing weaker parts. That it is my birthday tells me I am undergoing an important transformation: I have a new understanding of my repressed (killed) traits. That I am looking for a woman to lunch (be nourished) with tells me I am interested in developing and protecting my intuitive, feminine part. I might have to save her from the serial killer before that can happen. These insights seem to build on the partial illumination of the last dream I posted.

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