Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The Dream: I notice I am small,small enough to lie inside a dinner tray.

Interpretation: In the dream I'm trying on the child self that my unconscious has been telling me (in previous dreams) that I have repressed. I experience the vulnerability of the child. Not only am I very small, I'm on a dinner tray, in danger of being eaten.


OPENFOOT said...

Taking this dream as my own I might contemplate to what extent this dream is an invitation to self consumption, Uroborus like. If  I were to "take in" the child in me, integrate it into my being,  might it not provide me with nourishment and energy,  further promoting growth and well being?

With best wishes, Openfoot 

Carla Young said...

Thanks for that interesting take on the dream, Openfoot.
Best wishes, Carla

Anonymous said...

I see my being as "being served (to others)" - i.e being in service to others. A rich meal indeed! Emily

Carla Young said...

Thank you, Emily!

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