Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nature 's Way

All aspects of waking life affect dream life, including what we read or watch on television.
The Dream: We are outside. I see, off to the right, waves approaching. “This is the time of the black waves,” I say. The waves are blue toward the edges; their center goes from mid-night blue to black. At first I merely watch these interesting waves; then one very large one breaks over us all, drenching us (in our nice clothes) and lifting us out of our seats, moving us toward the shore. Will we stay safely on the shore or is this a tsunami? I’m not sure.

Interpretation: I had been reading M.Ester Harding’s book Psychic Energy the night before I had this dream. Speaking of nature, Harding says: “She is fecund and cruel. Her law works for the continuation of the race. The young are important as such, for they represent the next generation. Yet if many die, there are always more to replace them. As individuals they are of very little importance in the eyes of Mother Nature, who creates living creatures in great abundance and then destroys them all. For this is nature’s way.”*

In the dream I experience the terror and uncertainty of this grim reality.

*M. Ester Harding, Psychic Energy Its Source and Its Transformation, with a forward by C.G. Jung, Bollingen Series X, First Princeton/Bollingen Paperback Edition, 1973:192-193.

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