Sunday, August 26, 2012

By the Book

The Dream: Clark and I are in New York City. I have a special booklet, sparkling and glowing, that I want to give to a young person who I feel needs the information. We look for her house on 3 different streets but can't find it. I know the general location, but none of the houses look exactly right. Finally I suggest that we wait for her to come outside. The townhouses are like those on the upper West Side with steps going up to their entryways, very well maintained and updated.

Interpretation: The special booklet contains some sort of enlightenment (it sparkles and glows). It isn't very thick, so it is probably recently acquired psychic knowledge, as opposed to revelations that have accumulated over a long period of time. The young person I want to give this to is the newly emerging self that appeared in the previous dream. I am having trouble locating her, and none of the houses (the integrated selves; in other words, this new self plus my gnarly old self) seem right. The dream is telling me that I'm not quite ready for the psychic change taking place. I come up with a reasonable solution: let's wait for her to come to us. The townhouses, being well maintained and updated, symbolize my new (spiritual) home (self).


Openfoot said...

Hello Carla, Thank you, I enjoyed this dream and as has been the case before the image you have produced, resonated strongly with me. A quick search through Google images revealed no Alpha and Omega symbols arranged in quite this way. As I contemplated their positioning in the image I initially saw sexual references with the Alpha penetrating the Omega, but then, in the Alpha I saw two legs and in the Omega two arms and a head. Then, it wasn't much of a stretch to see a resemblance to Openfoot's own five pointed star logo :-D

My projections on your artwork but of some interest I hope.

With best wishes.

Carla Young said...

Yes--interesting and fun! It looked like a little figure to me as well: maybe I should add a couple of eyes to the "head."
It makes sense that the Alpha (Beginning) would penetrate the Omega (End). (Oops--could be a play on words there!) Together I think they symbolize a totality.
I'll go search out your logo.

Carla Young said...

Openfoot, to me your logo seems composed of little figures radiating from the center, the disparate aspects of Self each with its own direction, yet organized in a unified way. Lovely.

Carla Young said...

[Emily asked me to post this for her; it has become difficult to post comments since Blogger recently installed some anti-robot software. If you have problems as well you can send me your comments at and I will post them for you.]

Emily: Hi Carla, For me, the waiting for the young girl to come outside is the waiting that is
necessary for the intuition process to proceed. Perhaps this dream is a meeting
between Intuition and Intellect - or perhaps dreamer is already holding the book of
intuition in her hand and doesn't know it yet. The number 3 has to be signi´Čücant - 3 of
the four personality functions of Jung perhaps. The gnarly, old growth vines speak to me
of ancient wisdom - we are the "branches on the tree" as our godhead is the tree itself.
Our brain also makes more connections during sleep than it does during the day. These
connections also, for me, are represented by the vine. Thus, in these two dreams,
"connection" seem to be the major motif. And polarities are in play - the ancient
connections of the vine verses the recently acquired psychic knowledge of the book.
From the earthy vines to the lofty intellect. As intuition arises, our conscious minds then
make sense of it....Thanks for the dreams! Emily

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