Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guest Dreamer: My Next Step

This guest dream from Tyler starts a sequence of shoe dreams. Over the next two weeks there will be 3 guest dreams from two different dreamers featuring this theme.

Tyler's Dream: The first dream I remember was a couple of nights ago - the first time I've remembered a dream in a long time. I remember I was sitting on the ground with one shoe on my right foot and my left foot was bare because there was something sticking out of the top of my foot - not the bottom like it was a root. I remember very vividly seeing nearly all of my bones in my left foot and this stick-like thing protruding from inside my foot. I was trying to pull it out, carefully and slowly so that I didn't make the entry wound larger. After fussing with it for what seemed like an extremely long time, the stick, or object broke in half so that it wasn't sticking out of my foot anymore, but I could still see it lodged inside of my foot. Some reason or another, I had a pair of tweezers or pliers or something like that and I began using it to remove the rest of the object. After what felt like another extremely long length of time, I had removed some pieces of the object and I had given up. I don't remember any of the rest of my surroundings or anything, but there may or may not have been someone who had come by to "check on me" or see if I was okay or something, but they did not rest for long.

Carla's thoughts:
Tyler asked me this question: “Do certain things have different meanings if they are accompanied by other particular things?” The answer is “yes.” When we're looking at a dream it's like looking at a poem or a play. Context is everything! I'll try to demonstrate this by the way I work with Tyler's dream, which I'll write about as if it were my own. So here goes:

I'm at a low point. (I'm sitting on the ground.) I'm wearing one shoe on my right foot. The right side is associated with logic, so this tells me that rationally I'm prepared for the next step I need to take, but what about my left side, the one associated with feelings? Emotionally I feel exposed (my left foot is bare). What's worse, something has me stuck (I can't remove the stick). I approach my problem gingerly—I don't want to make my emotional wound even greater. After all, I'm dealing with a bare bones issue (something at my core). Since the bones of our feet support us, that I'm having problems with them tells me that the central issue of this dream is one of my feeling that I'm not getting adequate emotional support for the next step on my life journey.

A few things tell me that some nascent support is in the wings. First, part of the stick has broken: it isn't as large as it used to be. Second, I use a tool (something that extends my innate ability) to begin to get rid of what 's left. And third, there's the person who comes by to check on me; I see this as my emerging ability to support myself. I haven't completely conquered this problem, but I'm closer to getting on my feet.


Anonymous said...

The first thing that struck me in "my dream" is that I am able to penetrate deeper than "skin deep", and on two levels. One is visual (I can see into my foot), and the other is physical (the stick is penetrating my foot). So, on two levels, (perhaps 2 personality types on the Myer Briggs scale - perception and intuition perhaps) I can penetrate deeper. I am able to penetrate, and something has penetrated me at that same location. Aha - and a third level yet, the stick itself is something to probe with - in the ground for example. And we can "stick it to someone" or "stick with it" and I'm sure there are more idioms involving the word stick.
Perhaps I am trying to pull out a projection, and dream ego is partially, but not completely adept at it yet. Is there an area in my life in which I am able to see Truth, perhaps on an unconscious level, but I am working to make it conscious. The object "broke in two" which is what happens when something becomes conscious, it splits into its opposites.
On a purely physical level, I could have something physically wrong with my foot structure, which may come to light in the future. Carla had posted a dream of mine in which roots were growing out of my feet, and when I tried to pull one out in the dream, I couldn't do so as I felt it pull way up in my calf. Several months later, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. So perhaps another issue is at stake - hammer toe, for example, which is a joint deformity.
That I am sitting on the ground tells me that I am grounded, safe, can't fall. I am safe to deal with this issue, whatever it is. I, too, feel comfort in someone stopping by to ask if I'm ok, perhaps. So, perhaps I am just where I need to be as he needn't stay to help me.
I look forward to the next shoe dreams! Thanks, Carla.

thedreamingwell said...

Truly enjoying the comments and the dream here, as well as the imagery! I myself have been having shoe and foot dreams - for what it's worth, astrologically, Pisces is said to rule the feet :) In my imagined version, I have several A-Ha's with what has been projected and said so far, and also see a soulwork dimension to the dream. If this were my dream, I'm sitting with something that makes me feel 'stuck' but also recognize that in my experience of working with the soul (as in the sole - of the foot) I am learning that my suffering, once entered into and accepted, has a gift for me as well - that the two exist in a deep way in my psyche, very interwoven, like the sides of teh body "right" and "left"... this grounded pause for existential awareness that finds me on the earth, somewhat surrendered, says to me that I am willing and able to face this sticking wound and that I am making progress in healing, as the stick is reducing in size and length and physical proportion. Just like Chiron, the Wounded Healer of Greek mythology, I still have more to heal, and the dream shows that I am attending to that in a sole-ful/soulful way, which allows me to prepare for the rrest of my journey along the path. In my experience of clothing and shoes in dreams, the degree to which I am covered indicates the proximity, metaphorically and symbolically, of myself in relation to the Divine. The fact that my left foot is 'bare' shows me that I'm bearing/baring something and the less material between my body, in this case my foot, and the outer atmosphere, the closer I feel to a complete connection with 'all that is'. The dream leaves me feeling that I am heeling/healing well and that I am learning important lessons during a period of slowing down and paying attention to my needs. Many Thanks For the Dream and the connectred work/projections and artistic rendition! Travis W

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