Sunday, November 4, 2012

Guest Dreamer: Getting Ready to Roll

Tyler, who contributed the last dream featuring feet and shoes, here shares a dream that has a different image--but one that still relies on self-propelled movement.
Tyler's Second Dream: I was at my ex-girlfriend's sisters house (which is coincidental because I used to live in that neighborhood). I may or may not have been with a friend. My ex may also have had a friend there but I can't be sure. It was raining relatively hard, and she was standing in the garage and I was out in the rain in her driveway. There were no cars in the driveway, but there was a bike propped up on the outside of the garage. I moved inside the garage and got out of the rain where I remember seeing another bike lying on the floor. We both looked at it, but I can't remember any dialogue. After that, the rain had slowed down to a nice drizzle, but I remember the sky still looked pretty scary, like it was about to thunderstorm even harder than it had before. And then I walked out into the drizzle and I woke up.

Carla's Thoughts: If this were my dream, its meaning would hinge on the images of bike and weather. That it's raining heavily tells me that, as in my last dream, I'm dealing with a highly charged (like a thunderstorm) emotional situation. My ex is standing in the garage (where I store things). What I store here (bike or car) is connected to my ability to move (alter my current emotional state). The bike represents moving by means of my own personal effort, and the floor is associated with something exasperating or difficult to overcome (I'm floored!). To sum it up: When I am in the place where I've stored my ex my grounded bike makes it difficult for me to move on. Once I have this dream realization, unconscious though it may be, the rain abates and becomes a drizzle. In other words, I've released some of my negative emotions. I'm still not out of the water—the sky looks threatening; but I've managed to walk out of the garage and into the drizzle, so I'm on my way.

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Anonymous said...

For me, rain dreams are grief dreams - tears that connect the earth to the sky and empties grief from the soul. It's a cleansing dream - ridding myself of painful emotions. A bicycle has 2 wheels, 2 mandalas. And there are 2 bicycles. 4 wheels altogether, another symbol of wholeness along with the wheels. (Perhaps I will look for another dream of a circular image which combines the two wheels - the two polarities - such as the sun, or a round plate, etc). As opposed to be in contact with the ground, a bike is once removed from the ground, and it needs to be pedaled using the feet, which was emphasized in the last dream. The sky is looking scary still; my dream is trying to lead me through some painful storms. A question I would ask myself is "What is threatening to me at this time?" or "Of what (emotion?) do I fear?". The dream setting is a place where the Feminine lives - both my ex-girlfriend and her sister's house, where I grew up. Perhaps I am ignoring my feminine side - my intuition, my art, my nurturing of self and others. For there is no feminine in the prior dream - and perhaps from Travis' comments, the feminine is my soul, my anima. Although it is about to thunderstorm even harder, I walk out into the drizzle to meet it. I am ready to meet, or to bring into consciousness, new feelings, new fears, new understandings, or perhaps even new grief. I stand tall on the ground - I don't ride away on the bike. Emily

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