Sunday, November 11, 2012

Guest Dreamer: I'll Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

Guest Dreamer Travis Wernet recounts the second dream in his shoe series:
Travis' Second Dream: There's a second dream two days later with an old friend wearing clogs that are black and white and I am hovering above the ground when we meet each other and he says how happy and different I look (with glasses) and I comment on how his shoes look good on him - he's not the sort I imagine would wear 'effeminate' shoes like clogs in waking life, they're not 'guy-like' enough for my conception of him.

Carla's thoughts: The second pair of shoes shows up in a second dream two days after the initial shoe dream. There are 3 sets of 2's here, emphasizing that I'm resolving pairs of opposites. My friend is wearing clogs, a style of shoe that I see as effeminate and wouldn't have associated with this manly friend. That these clogs are black and white tells me that I tend to see this particular issue without nuance—no shades of gray. I'm flying high when we meet—perhaps I'm not being realistic since I don't have my feet on the ground, but nevertheless my friend tells me how good I look in glasses: I'm beginning to see something clearly, and I like it (it looks good, even if it didn't line up with my expectations). The part of me this friend represents is now willing to “walk a mile” in a woman's shoes. I have a better understanding with my anima and women as a result, and I've relinquished some of my conceptions of what being manly means.


Anonymous said...

This dream is exciting because it combines black & white into one object - thus integration is taking place in the psyche. As Carla notes, it's my integration with the feminine. The feminine which was introduced in the prior dream by the red shoes and the sisterly environment. In my dream, I am getting more comfortable with my "effeminate side" as I go forward with my work ,which is of a nurturing characteristic. I also see the word "clog" as a verb, obstructing something. But now I see these clogs are moving, which is the energy I need to go out and do what I need to do in the world - my masculine energy. What keeps me "hovering"? Am I being indecisive, or am I ready now, for that first step that leads to the first mile? Not only am I seeing more clearly, but affirmations are being shared - my friend honoring me, and I honoring my friend. We see and verbalize the positive changed in each other - the new glasses on me and the different kind of shoes on him. Which is what I need to see more deeply (into dreams) and to walk on the path of dreams (as shared by dreamer in the prior dream's comments). Emily

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks Emily and Carla! Lots of 'A=Ha's here I might not have picked up on my own - as a result I am now thinking about the bringing together of the upper (glasses) and the lower (shoes) and that the dreams are highlighting the possibilities for bringing opposites together in a 'between' place that takes the m out of opposition... super helpful and I'm so grateful to have these comments and entries to refer to as I walk this first new mile on the spiral of my being in waking and dream life - All Blessings, Travis W

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